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To determine the winnings from a football bet and how much you'll receive, players need to have a basic understanding of how money is calculated in football betting. Although reputable sports betting platforms provided by bookmakers offer automatic money calculation features, it's still beneficial for players to grasp the fundamentals. This betting tips premier league aims to shed some light on this topic.

Is it easy to calculate money in football betting?

If you're participating in betting with reputable football bookmakers, when you win a bet, the prize money is automatically calculated and transferred to your betting account. Therefore, many people tend to overlook the need to calculate money when engaging in football betting, especially in trustworthy sports betting venues.

However, calculating money in online football betting is not difficult. The rules for calculations are usually straightforward. Based on the amount wagered and the chosen odds, if your prediction is correct, you'll receive a reward according to the set guidelines.

Except for some special types of bets, the calculation rules for winning football bets may vary. For example, in Handicap (HDP) or Over/Under (O/U) bets, sometimes you may win or lose half of the stake.

What should you pay attention to when calculating money in football betting online?

It's simple! To calculate money in football betting, you need to determine:

The type of bet you want to place because each type of bet has its own calculation method.

How much money you're wagering and what are the odds for the chosen selection?

Not all bookmakers maintain the same odds for every bet. They may need to adjust the odds to balance the bets for a match. Hence, the same bet placed at different times might yield different rewards. Remember, odds are regularly adjusted by bookmakers, so to maximize your winnings, players should know how to calculate and choose the right time to place their bets.

Choosing the right timing can result in substantial winnings when you win a bet. Conversely, if you choose the wrong time, the likelihood of facing losses or earning minimal winnings is high. Therefore, the amount earned from winning bets will vary for each player.

How to Calculate Money in Online Football Betting

In terms of calculation, you will have to rely on the basic formula as follows:

Amount won = Amount placed * Odds of the chosen bet

Amount lost = Amount placed

That is the basic formula, applied to many types of popular football bets today.

However, in special cases, this formula will have certain adjustments.

For example, after you choose a bookmaker to place a bet on football. If you win the bet, the amount will be calculated according to the above formula.

However, when your type of bet is more complex, you need to understand the rules of reading odds from bookmakers to accurately know the amount won.

For example, when betting on Handicap (HDP), there may be cases of winning or losing half the bet. Similarly, with Over/Under (O/U) betting, this situation can also occur.

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How to Calculate Money in 1×2 Betting

1×2 betting, also known as match betting, is quite straightforward, with only 3 betting options, so the calculation method is relatively simple. For this type of bet, players can only win or lose entirely. The formula applied for each situation is as follows:

If the player wins the entire match, the amount won is calculated as follows:

Amount won = Bet amount x Betting odds

To make it easier to understand, let's take the example of a 1×2 bet for the Crystal Palace vs. Chelsea match. You bet 100,000 Vietnamese Dong on Chelsea to win with odds of 1.53.

If Chelsea wins, you win the bet and receive 100,000×1.53=153,000 VND as winnings.

Conversely, in the example above, if you lose the entire match, your loss is calculated by the formula:

Amount lost = Bet amount

How to Calculate Money in Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap, also known as handicap or Handicap betting, has a relatively complex calculation method. The calculation is based on the odds of each match.

The actual amount of bets that bookmakers receive from players differs from other types of bets due to negative or positive odds. Therefore, the calculation method for football bets is different:


Original amount = Bet amount x Betting odds

Notes When Calculating Money in Football Betting

Some notes for you when calculating winning and losing bets in football betting:

Understand appropriate calculation methods for the type of bet you are participating in. Apply the correct mechanism for each type of bet.

Note the calculation of the bet amount for each win or loss, to avoid being cheated out of winnings by the bookmaker or being penalized with more money than the amount lost.

When placing bets, be confident to minimize losses.

Don't Forget These Tips When Playing

Furthermore, you should also consider a few things when playing football betting:

Analyze the aspects of the match and the statistics of the teams to make the most accurate decisions.

Seize opportunities to make the most accurate decisions.

Stay calm when playing betting, to make rational, objective decisions.

Know when to stop when playing betting. Don't try to recover losses. Because when losing continuously, your mind will not be clear enough to make sound decisions.


It can be seen that the rules for calculating money in football betting are quite simple. The important thing is that you must be able to make accurate predictions for the bets you want to place. And don't forget to visit the Wintips football tips website to find the hottest bets and experience them right away.

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